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A collection of high end duvets, pillows, and throws and shams are key to effectively staging a bedroom.If you want to see just how important bed linens along with better lighting and composition are to staging a home, check out the before and after shots below.“My best tip for staging any home? Updating lighting fixtures makes a major difference in nearly any space, and this is particularly true for homes that are not newly built.The challenge with paint color is picking something that will work with your current finishes (counters, backsplash and flooring).A common solution for updating a “brown” kitchen is painting your kitchen cabinets off-white to update a dark, dated kitchen instantly!

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I’ve used dressers as foyer tables and dining room consoles and chairs as bedside tables.There is a fine line, and if the agent, or seller are not sure how to get a look in a house that buyers desire, it’s always best to call in the pros to achieve best look possible for the house.An agent is a pro at negotiations, pricing not necessarily the aesthetics of a home.”Let’s face it.This is why jamming everything you’ve decluttered from the home into the closet is a bad idea.

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Here’s Julie from By Design Home Staging on the subject;“Storage space is high on your buyer’s list.

I’ve used ottomans and trunks as coffee tables and folding kitchen tables as desks.