Updating psp 3 52

27-Dec-2020 07:11

updating psp 3 52-54

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The Downgraders for 3.03 and higher can automatically detect your ‘PSP Motherboard’ version. Open the UMD Door and face the screen away from you. Here is a picture of a TA-082 PSP showing IC1003: the link above for a picture if you are unsure what you are looking for) Official Sony Update EBOOT for the firmware you want to upgrade to.Firmware 1.50 Update EBOOT: Download: : Firmware 2.00 Update EBOOT: Download: : Firmware 2.71 Update EBOOT: Download: : Firmware 2.80 Update EBOOT: Download: : Firmware 3.03 Update EBOOT: Download: : Firmware 3.11 Update EBOOT: Download: Mirror : Firmware 3.50 Update EBOOT: Download: Mirror : , right click the downloaded file and choose “extract to here” (You will need Winrar installed to ‘extract’ the files, there is a download link at the very top of this topic) 2.There is a very small risk of bricking your PSP when writing to flash memory.All downgrades should be successful if you follow the instructions carefully and correctly.If you don’t have ‘extract files…’ on the menu then you don’t have winrar installed. The downgrader will show some numbers and letters on the top of the screen, this means the downgrade worked. When the update reaches 99% it will show an error “The update failed… You will get a corrupt settings error with a blue background.(Download link at the very top of this topic) Select My Computer and then select the drive letter of your PSP and click “extract” (My PSP drive letter is Removeable Disk (E:) but it might be a different letter on your computer) Winrar will then unpack the files to your PSP Memory stick, this may take a minute or so. Wait for one minute then turn off your PSP by holding the power button up for 4 seconds until it turns off. Turn on your psp and go to the game menu and launch the 1.50 update boot. (ffffffff)” This is normal, just hold the power switch up for 4 seconds until your PSP fully turns off. Just press the “O” button and your PSP will restart with repaired settings. You will need to have 75% or more battery power to do the downgrade.The 2.00 downgrader ‘writes’ to the flash memory using a similar method so the anti-virus program thinks its the PSP Brick Trojan.

In the XMB of your PSP go to the Photo menu then open the HEND folder.

Once its finished unpacking the files, Double click the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon near the clock Select the ‘Sony PSP USB Device’ and click ‘stop’, on the next window click ‘Sony PSP USB Device’ and click ‘OK’ You should get the message ‘This device can be safely removed from your computer’, Click OK to this message. Close the USB connection on your PSP (press ‘O’) and unplug the USB cable from your computer and your PSP. your PSP should then go through the setup process again. This is the latest ‘Id Storage Corruption Free’ downgrader, you won’t need to repair your Id Storage after using the downgrader. Note: Formatting will erase all data from the memory stick. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable and make a USB Connection. Right click the RAR file you downloaded earlier and choose ‘Extract files…’ from the menu and a new window will open.

If you don’t have ‘extract files…’ on the menu then you don’t have winrar installed.

‘Pandora’ can update ANY Official or Custom Firmware version: e.g Official 3.71, 2.81, 2.50, or custom firmwares 3.10 OE, 3.40 OE, etc.

If you have a Slim PSP or an Original PSP with Official Firmware 3.51 or higher you will need to use ‘Pandora Battery’ to Install Custom Firmware, There are no Downgraders for slim PSPs or firmware versions higher then 3.51.In the XMB scroll to the left to ‘Settings’ (XMB is the main menu of your PSP) 2. Scroll down to ‘System Information’ and press ‘X’ 4.

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