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07-Jul-2020 18:59

TRACFONE International Long Distance is a FREE service that allows you to make calls to hundreds of international destinations from your Trac Fone phone at a cost of a regular call.

TRACFONE Frequent Numbers allows you to make the dialing of international calls faster and easier, providing you AT NO CHARGE ten US 1-800 numbers you can assign to the most frequent international destinations (from our worldwide coverage) you dial from your Trac Fone phone.

This way TRACFONE Wireless lets you stay close to family and friends in other countries with the convenience of calling whenever and wherever you want.

The minutes will be deducted when the call is attempted.

You can delete a TRACFONE International Neighbors phone number, and have a new one assigned to your Trac Fone at any time.Then follow the instructions to obtain up to three Mexican phone numbers.Do not forget to provide these phone numbers to family and friends in Mexico, so that you can receive their phone calls on your Trac Fone phone. The same minutes deducted for a regular call will be deducted when receiving an international long distance call using TRACFONE International Neighbors service.In addition, if you use our FREE TRACFONE International Neighbors service, your family and friends in Mexico can dial a phone number in those countries to call you at your Trac Fone phone, so that they don't have to pay international long distance charges! Yes, we plan to have new international destinations.

Please refer to the section TRACFONE International Neighbors for more information. Dial 305-938-5673, the access number for TRACFONE International Long Distance (From Alaska, Hawaii, and the U. If you don't find the international destinations are the ones you call, please return to the site to view updated lists of available destinations.TRACFONE International Neighbors is a service that allows you to obtain AT NO CHARGE three Mexican phone numbers, which your family and friends (in that country) can dial, and you will receive those calls directly at your Trac Fone phone in the United States.