Updating rubygems on leopard secrets of dating online pdf

16-Feb-2021 09:28

However, IIRC, there was a problem with the Leopard install of rubygems, and you need to use the following first : " by itself will attempt to update every gem installed on your system. What happened when you ran it is that at least one of the gems installed on your system relies on an underlying "binary" dependency, meaning code written (most likely) in the C programming language and inteneded to be built into a native binary that the Ruby gem relies on to do the heavy lifting part of its work.

This native code failed to compile, and the gem update aborted because of that.

Using the editor of your choice, create and edit a file in your home directory named at the beginning of the line returned by the system.

Open up the 'Software Center' app from your launcher and type in `Ruby Gems` without quotes into the application search box at the top right, and press [enter].If you want, you can delete this folder when you’re done, but keeping it around makes it easier to re-install (or uninstall) these apps later.Make the new folder: If you do, this means you now have a super-fast, 64-bit version of Ruby ready to go.This will update the Rails gems to the latest version, which at present is 2.2.

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As for your version of Ruby, it's probably a few bug fixes behind the latest build o Ruby 1.8.6, but ultimately it should be just fine for what you want to work on. My limited skills definitely will not make the outdated version of Ruby a problem, so I'll just move forward from here with trying to learn the language.

As an example, my default interpreter is Ruby 1.9.2.

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