Uxbridge gazette dating

27-Jul-2020 03:23

The 19th century-built offices of the local building company Fassnidge were also refurbished and included in the new development, becoming a Pizza Express restaurant.

A new public area known as the piazza was developed in front of the Fassnidge building, and a second restaurant was built beside it, using preserved timber salvaged during the demolition of older buildings in Uxbridge in earlier years.

During the planning for The Chimes, developers with encouragement from the London Borough of Hillingdon sought instead to avoid such a move by retaining many of the original old buildings in the High Street.

The name The Chimes was eventually chosen by the developers as a reference to the sound of the bells from the market house on the High Street nearby, which were traditionally rung to announce the opening of the town's market.

This article, which appeared in the Uxbridge Gazette last month, documents the training of 19 students at Haydon School to Student EMO Practitioner level.

The article also includes a couple of great photos from the trainings!

The family are absent from the 1851 census, possibly in the Workhouse after Sarah's death?

A Joane Periam was paid in 1737 for 'Raindles cure'.