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30-Jan-2021 23:49

Adding the IP address of the server results in a validation error: client (.): query: .IN SOA - ( client (.): query: .HRESULT = '8000000A'” error message is very simple.It’s just a registry tweak that you have to perform as a workaround.

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HRESULT = '8000000A'” while building Visual Studio setup project from command line in Visual Studio 2012 or above IDE environment, the reason is because the new IDEs do not support build outside the own process.But there is a tweak which will help you to enable the same and you will now be allowed to build the MSI setup project from the command line itself.The solution towards “An error occurred while validating.Now, I'm trying to create a setup application for it.

As theapplication uses Crystal Reports, I followed the instructions provided by Microsoft in html/When I attempt to build the setup application, I'm getting the followingerror in the task windows: An error occurred when validating.

Thanks for the assistance, Richard Rosenheim "David Guyer [MS]" Try going to