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Before you create a virtual agent, make sure it will add value to the customer experience.Virtual agents are good for tasks where it’s easier to ask for what you want rather than navigate through a menu or search for keywords.There is no doubt that video conferencing provides efficiencies, eliminating the need for key private banking or commercial officers to travel to multiple branches or to the homes/businesses of key clients.

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As technology advances, a headset or projection device could project visual holograms onto physical space, such as a home, office or any customer defined space.Speech recognition and NLP facilitate a seamless and intuitive interface with the computing platform.” In a rather rudimentary use of the available technologies, several banks have created AR apps to help consumers find the nearby branches and ATMs.While navigating through the city and looking at a smartphone screen, a user can see real-time information on the nearest locations, including the distance and additional details, or to book an appointment.But a chatbot isn’t a human, and there are some things a virtual agent isn’t suited for.

Technically speaking, there are two kinds of virtual agents: Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.Video conferencing with bank representatives is an option used by many banks to connect with customers remotely regarding their relationship.

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