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Each month, a different editorial theme drives the writing, photography, and artwork that we publish.Learn more about us here, and find out how to submit your work here! We met on the Internet (we read each other’s blogs) and then became friends IRL when we both took classes at a summer art program in Philadelphia.— Candice Frederick (@Reel Talker) April 12, 2018 Sooo many times, by both sexes. — Mary Pols (@Mary Pols) April 12, 2018 I'm 6ft tall, and rule my corp job with an iron fist.Including a man I didn't know well, who said he was frightened of me. We've now been together harmoniously for over 35 years. I've been called all kinds of horrible things by insecure men (never women), and I think it's because they don't know where they fit in this new world. As a mom, I guarantee my son will turn out better — Maria Tureaud (@Maria_Tureaud) April 12, 2018 Yep, been called: clever, scary, intense, in yer face, having balls, etc. I realised the whole time this is to shame women into shutting up. https://t.co/5r Zvyt Tnac — Tara (@catmonkey22) April 14, 2018 "Unapproachable," "super intelligent," "scary." A lot of these words are uttered by men about women often in efforts to make them feel bad for having an opinion or having a brain. And I am not the only one who has encountered this.Many women from every kind of profession have encountered people who use words like ‘assertive,’ ‘too smart,’ ‘aggressive’ and ‘intimidating’ to describe them.

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Also, we’ve both been called “intimidating” by our peers, teachers, and parents, and all of them meant it as a compliment. A lot of girls we know have been called intimidating, so we decided to talk to each other about what this phenomenon actually means.

Sentences with the word intimidate What is the meaning of the word intimidate? Words that rhyme with intimidate What is the past tense of intimidate?

Sentences with the word intimidated What is the meaning of the word intimidated? Words that rhyme with intimidated What is another word for intimidates? Sentences with the word intimidates What is the meaning of the word intimidates? Words that rhyme with intimidates What is another word for intimidating? Sentences with the word intimidating What is the meaning of the word intimidating?

So that is probably why one woman started a new Twitter thread asking this same question that quickly went viral.

I can't even say I am surprised by the massive amount of responses from this tweet from women who've been called "aggressive," "emasculating," and "super smart" (used as a pejorative) — Candice Frederick (@Reel Talker) April 12, 2018 I brought this up because I've been called this numerous times, and I always think that calling someone "intimidating" says more about the person who's supposedly intimidated than anything else. — Anne Jackson (@knotgirl1) April 13, 2018 I was literally going to send out this tweet this morning with the word “aggressive” used as a clear insult yesterday by a stellar representative of male white privilege.HAZEL: I mostly think I’m not responsible for someone else’s dumb feelings, because, well, I’m not—but I’m still affected by how they see me. Maybe I want people to be a scared of me—maybe it’s better to have people think you’re scary, but then discover you’re kind and approachable. I think people use the intimidation thing as an excuse to cover up the fact that they’re really just personally scared of talking to someone they think is super awesome.