What is devising validating and testing of algorithms

24-Jan-2021 11:58

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We recognize that in addition to meeting the immediate and near-term innovation needs of Canadian industry, we must look to the future and invest to build capabilities in areas where Canada must have a strong leadership position. President, National Research Council Canada Appropriate Minister: The Honourable Navdeep Bains, P. P., Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Institutional Head: John Mc Dougall, President Ministerial Portfolio: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Enabling Instrument: , R. NRC’s Council provides independent strategic advice to the NRC President and reviews organizational performance.This way, NRC will continue to meet our critical mandate for Canada over the coming decades. The President provides leadership and strategic management and is responsible for the achievement of NRC’s long-range goals and plans.NRC's expenditure profile has increased since 2012-13 primarily as a result of investments and initiatives announced in Economic Action Plan 2012, Economic Action Plan 2013, Economic Action Plan 2014 and Economic Planned spending for future years does not reflect future budget decisions.Anticipated Sunset Programs include funding to sustain operations of the refocused National Research Council of Canada to develop and deploy industry-relevant research and technology solutions that will help grow innovative businesses in Canada.The highest risks identified in 2015‑16 have been carried over for continued attention in 2016‑17 - operational efficiency, and sourcing and management of technical and business expertise.Some key factors driving these risks include: transitioning of NRC's corporate IT infrastructure to a secure environment; concurrent government email transformation initiative; impact of centralized service model through SSC on operations; and lengthy time to hire in the current federal process.To support leading-edge concepts for higher risk, higher impact R&D projects, a new ideation fund has also been launched.

In the future, the National Research Council of Canada’s reports to Parliament will focus more transparently on how we are using our resources to fulfill our commitments and achieve results for Canadians.

Each of NRC’s seven Vice Presidents is responsible for a number of areas composed of research sub-programs, initiatives, centres, the Industrial Research Assistance Program, and/or a corporate branch.

Vice Presidents and NRC managers are responsible for executing plans and priorities to ensure successful achievement of objectives.

The creation of a new Security Branch and a dedicated Business Continuity function are expected to support NRC preparedness and resilience in response to potential disruptions.

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Development of potential global disruption scenarios (e.g., geopolitical disturbances, major commodity price downturns) leveraging NRC's foresight capabilities is also expected to support greater preparedness should such an event materialize.This 2016-17 Report on Plans and Priorities of the National Research Council of Canada provides information on how the Council will support the Government on achieving our agenda in the coming year and we are fully confident that the National Research Council of Canada is prepared to successfully support us and work with our partners inside and outside government to deliver for Canadians.