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Other times, the sands were the graves of various people, from famous nobles, to notorious outlaws, to entire armies.

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“She seems quite confused.” She pointed at herself, and began, “I am Nakia, wife of Pharaoh Ammon of Rusnad.” “Queen Tabia of Upril, my husband being King Baruti,” Tabia said. I was merely humoring the other queens for my delight of them speaking my native tongue. Now, about that attack….” While the six women talked, the rest of the ship was abuzz. “Question me again, and you’ll find yourself with more problems than just losing the job you ‘desperately needed’!

The only hope may come from a political marriage between the southern nations of Poswa and Cruibia...

and if that doesn't work, an alliance of unlikely allies digging into dark secrets, exploring a beautiful and strange world, and employing tactics and magic to retake Orobia or die trying. Summary: Weeks ago, Argelia's Imperial Navy launched an unprovoked attack on the nation of Ustros' port town of Nourdari.

“Consider the Argelian soil, which I humbly welcome you to.” “It’s not everyday that any of us would meet the Argelian Empress,” the green-haired woman replied while the servant walked out of the room. rather complicated, haven’t they, Princess Najiyya? ” She turned to the youngest, who seemed rather uneased. No offense to you, child, but you’re pregnant with the future heir of your kingdom.” “I’m not too far into my pregnancy to travel, Queen Tabia,” the blonde Najiyya replied.

“Queen Kalia, however, has fallen ill long before the incident in Nourdari…Mission: Rout the enemy and Reach the queens So, you actually decided to give this a try? Alright, I promise not to waste too much of your time you probably have to do other things, so here's what we'll do with these pre-chapter notes.