Wvdial not updating resolv conf

16-Aug-2020 09:38

Several other packages recommend to the user that scripts be written to alter or replace Among them are the Cisco Any Connect, Juniper Any Connect and Forti Client SSL VPN clients.These packages do not cooperate; they simply overwrite one another's changes.3.5 bind9 * To make bind9 supply its nameserver address to resolvconf, set RESOLVCONF=yes in /etc/default/bind9.

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netenv (43) Contains sample code that, if uncommented, would overwrite /etc/without backing it up switchconf (12) Forcibly links selected file into place without making a backup. laptop-netconf (23) Symlinks in a for the detected network. whereami (23) Contains utility scripts that modify laptop-net (42) Overwrites unless (as of 2.20) resolvconf is installed.Unfortunately, it is not always simply a matter of installing the resolvconf package -- especially if you have already tried to deal with the above problems locally by customizing your configuration. You may have already installed resolvconf at this point. Configure packages not to overwrite /etc/and to work properly with resolvconf 3.1 ppp * Make sure that the usepeerdns option is used.